Practice Makes Perfect

During an out of character visit to the local pub for lunch yesterday afternoon I spotted a poster blu-tacked to the wall. Upon closer inspection it was advertising a local 100km bike ride in aid of Help for Heroes in June this year.


“That’s a perfect practice ride” thought I, and had a chat with the person organising it, Steve (who had also popped into the pub yesterday afternoon, although I got the impression from the familiarity with the regulars and the landlord, it was a bit more “in character” for him).  It’s a nice local jaunt starting from and finishing at the Royal Engineer’s Museum in Brompton winding around the Garden of England, through Rochester, down to Aylesford, through West Malling, Meopham and coming back through Cooling.

There’s not a huge amount of climbing involved, so it should be a fairly relaxed affair for a very important charity and on what I now realise is National Armed Forces Day 2016. It’ll be a much more social ride than my solo effort in July, so if anyone wants to join in you can register here.  Thinking about it, it’s shorter and flatter than any of the days we did as part of the Chatham to Poole ride last year. So, long story short, I’ve registered for it this afternoon (£20 if you’re thinking of joining in yourself).

If you’ve never done anything like this before, think you might not be able to keep up or that it might all be a bit competitive, Steve went out of his way to point out that this ride isn’t a race. The veterans who are taking part, some of whom will be using handbikes are quite chatty and that everyone is there to support other riders to the finish line rather than trying to rack up a high average speed or to complete the run first. Sounds like my kind of day.

I’m not expecting to raise a lot (as I’m also cap in hand for the ride in July), but here’s a link to the Just Giving page for this one just in case you would rather give some money to Help for Heroes than Re~Cycle.

Now all I need to do is ask for the day off…


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