Travel Light(er)

While waiting (and waiting) in the local hospital for the wife to have an operation, I stumbled across this article (on Twitter I think) from Evans Cycles. I thought I’d already done a pretty good job of packing to a minimum, but I’d made a couple of silly mistakes. I don’t know why, but I didn’t even consider taking the tent out of the bag it came in! Ok, the tent poles are a bit of an issue, but they tuck down the side of the top tube, the tent itself is small enough to fit into one of the panniers (with the sleeping mat).

So I’m in the middle of a kit review. I am taking less clothes (because I’ll wash them as I go), I’m taking less electronic thingamibobs, I don’t need a Kindle. That will reduce the need for portable batteries, so I’m leaving half of those behind… I’ve bought a new pair of Muddy Fox cycling shoes that I can wear on and off the bike so I don’t have to take a spare pair of shoes for the evenings.


Essentially I’ve gone from 4 panniers and stuff mounted on the top of the front and rear racks to 2 panniers and the tent pole mounted on the top of the rear rack.

And it looks like this packed onto the bike.

All of the space saving means I can take the front pannier mounts off. I’ll leave the front rack as I can always tie stuff to it if I need to (and it weighs naff all but offers an extra degree of flexibility).

I’ve just taken it out for a test ride and it actually feels surprisingly like a normal bike. I don’t really know what I was expecting, it weighs an awful lot after all, but it rides just like a normal bike. Things are looking pretty good for the JOGLE in July.


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