Self Made

I’m in a much better mood than I was when I wrote the last post, so this one isn’t going to be quite as much of a hate-filled rant… I promise.

I saw something a while ago (on Instagram I think) that claimed the perfect number of bikes was N+1.

Unfortunately that seems to be my approach to hobbies and pastimes in general… Games, N+1. Guitars, N+1. Movies, N+1. Books, N+1 – so it’s no real surprise that I’m entirely onboard for that approach when it comes to bikes as well.

I currently have 3 – but they’re all different I swear (that’s what I tell the wife – and it’s true!). There’s a full suspension mountain bike, a fully fledged road bike and the other is kind of in between the two. All three are Carreras, more by coincidence than design and all three are working out quite nicely for me.


But what about the “+1”?

Well, I’ve been looking at these on eBay for quite a while.


Although a lot of the Mosso branded stuff on eBay seems to come direct from China (and take months to arrive), there is also a UK supplier – Six Demon Bag Cycles. It’s reasonably priced, pretty good looking and seems to be fairly easy to come by. I don’t know too much about the company, other than they make complete bikes as well as components, and in quite a variety of price points. The frame I’ve bought is entry level, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be replaced later on if the geometry is good and the build quality matches.

I’ve built, I dunno, four or five bikes now, so the technical side of it doesn’t scare me. It’s a really nice feeling when you get to the end, fit that last piece and actually get to take it out (although I’ll admit I do tend to take it very carefully to begin with on a self build).

So while I’m slowly selling off some bits and bobs on eBay, I’m then using the money made to purchase parts. So far I’ve ticked off the Frame, Forks (Rockshox XC28s – again entry level), Headset, Grips, Rim Tape and Innertubes. As I sell bigger items I’m able to buy bigger items, but if I only sell little ones… Well, that’s why I’ve already paid for the rim tape.

So in essence I’m doing a slyly financed bike build. The more successful I am on eBay, the quicker it will be finished. It’ll probably take years… It should end up being a reasonable little XC hardtail that could be easily upgraded in the future providing the basic feel of it is ok. I was always more a fan of hardtails than full-sus, but on the properly lumpy stuff you can’t beat it – especially when you’re tired.


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