Bike Build pt. 1

Following on from this post, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Mosso frame from Six Demon Bag Cycles. Other parts had already arrived – the Rock Shox forks turned up on Monday, the headset, innertubes, rim tape and handlebar grips this morning. And while I was out at the Post Office (dispatching the eBay sales that are paying for this project) the frame and seat post arrived.

I’ve fitted the headset and test fitted the forks (until the Stem is ordered I don’t really have a way of holding it all together – hence the masking tape around the steerer tube) and I’ve popped some wheels in it to see how it sits and it looks a little short in the top tube, but about right for height. I’m about 5’10” / 5’11” so I ordered the 18″ frame – the size I normally ride.

The forks are reasonably heavy, but hey, they are fairly well reviewed for their price and can always be upgraded later. The frame is light. Really light. It seems to be fairly well made, the welds are all tidy and there’s no dinks, dents or scrapes in it anywhere. I do wish manufacturers didn’t feel the need to add straplines to their frames. There’s the odd “EXTREME” and “AGILE CONTROL GEOMETRY” daubed on this one.  The graphics actually look ok – until you get close enough to read them. I suppose the chainstay protector will end up covering some of it up though.

So, for now, this is how it looks. I still have a lot of stuff listed on eBay, so hopefully I’ll be able to add to it soon enough.


And I’ve just been told that there might be another build on the horizon.


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