Chatham to Amsterdam

Chatham to Amsterdam ride Monday June 19th – Saturday June 24th 2017

I’m always one to plan ahead, but maybe this is getting a bit silly… It’s over a year away but I’m already planning rides for 2017 (to be honest I’m planning for 2018 as well – but that will be a really big one).

In 1667 the Dutch sailed up the River Medway and attacked shore facilities and the Royal Dockyard at Chatham. In 2017 we’ll do a return trip – only on bikes and without the ship burning. It’ll be easy though right? Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands are flat…



Day 1 – Chatham to Dover via Lower Road


Day 2 – Dover to Nieuwpoort via D940 (Dover / Calais Ferry)


Day 3 – Nieuwpoort to Vlissingen via Vaartdijk Noord (Breskens / Vlissingen Ferry)


Day 4 – Vlissingen to Rotterdam via Noordzee Route


Day 5 – Rotterdam to Amsterdam via 2


Day 6 – Travel home from Amsterdam VIA THE BLOODY TRAIN!


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