Bike Build pt. 3

Another good weekend of eBay sales has sorted a large chunk of progress on the bike – although in terms of purchasing rather than building the thing. I now only need to order the chainset (and bottom bracket), pedals, brakes and front mech – everything else is winging its way in the post.

And it would have gotten here by now if it weren’t for that pesky Bank Holiday Monday (To paraphrase every Scooby Do villain ever).

Anyway, the tires arrived yesterday so now once I have the wheels I can get it off the floor and onto rubber. The stem also arrived so I got to do my least favourite part of the build – the final fitting of the forks.

I don’t know why I don’t like this bit (I think it’s mainly fitting the star nut into the steerer tube) but once it’s done and the headset is greased and running smooth it’s a big step in the right direction.
The top cup of the Radial headset is quite tall and the stem is short, so I’ve allowed for a bit of adjustment with a single spacer (and the stem can always be lengthened if necessary). At this point building some adjustment in is only sensible. I won’t get to sit on it in anything approaching a riding position until the wheels and handlebars turn up.

I’d never heard of Radial before, but these are some nice bits of kit. Snug fitting, light and work like a charm – at the moment. Time will tell when it’s all done I suppose, but the quality looks good so far. Anyway, there’s a link to their website above, check them out.


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