Bike Build pt. 4

It’s a bike! Well it’s starting to look like one instead of just a collection of bike parts.


Everything is now ordered and on it’s way, but as you can see from the picture I’m not actually waiting for that much. The drivetrain has ended up being a mix of Shimano (XT front mech, Deore Hollowtech cranks) and Sram (X9 rear mech, Cassette, Chain and X5 shifters) components. The weight is still fairly acceptable even if the forks are a bit heavier than I’d like. I’ve settled on some Avid mechanical disc brakes. I actually prefer decent mechanical disc brakes to cheap hydraulic ones – and let’s face it, they’re a bloody site easier to install and maintain. And those wheels? Well, the wheels are awesome.

The last few bits should arrive in the next couple of days, right down to the blue outers for the brake and gear cables and then I can take it out and test it! Gently at first, but then to destruction. Although hopefully not THIS much destruction…



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