Bollywood comes to Chatham (again)

There’s never a dull day at work. As well as doing all of the normal visitor attraction / accredited museum stuff, we’re also a filming location. Earlier this year was the second time a Bollywood production team had been on site (to my knowledge at any rate) filming Rustom

“A dashing naval officer, a beautiful wife and a perfect world. This was Naval Commander Rustom Pavri’s life.
Three fatal shots change their lives.”

Anyway, the trailer has just gone up on Youtube and you can definitely see the Dockyard in the film.

There’s shots around Commissioner’s House, on and around HMS Cavalier & HMS Ocelot and the adjacent Docksides, even in Slip 3.

It’s interesting to note that when a character is smoking, you get a health warning that “SMOKING CAUSES CANCER, IT KILLS” (see the dinner table shot), but there’s no warning about small calibre handguns when the wife’s lover gets three rounds pumped into his chest in a fit of jealous rage…

Based on true events of the late 1950s, it certainly looks interesting (from a moral perspective if nothing else) and there seems to be plenty of Dockyard to ogle at. You can find out more about the real life events that inspired the movie here.

Here’s the full trailer.


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