A Change of Shoes

Following on from the last two posts (bike and kit) I’ve done a bit of work on the bike itself. Now that I’ve made the decision to use the Carrera TDF for the ride and subsequently fitted the rack to the back of it, I need to make sure it’s up to the distance.

To that end I’ve fitted a pair of Continental GatorSkin tires that I had on another road bike and switched out the original innertubes for some supposedly “puncture proof” slime tubes. I’ve never used them before, but if they are at the least more puncture resistant, they could save me a lot of time that would otherwise be spent sat at the side of the road waiting for a repair to hold and then crossing my fingers as I tentatively pump air back into them.


I’m not too sure about that flourescent green valve cap though…

This has also left me with these…


A completely spare set of wheels with exactly the same cassette as the one I’ll be riding. As my mum will be, at most, a hundred miles away enjoying her own trip through Scotland and Ireland with a friend, it makes sense to sling them in the back of the car just in case the worst happens and I completely bugger one (or both) of the original wheels.

Next on the list is to make sure everything is clean, greased, indexed, running smoothly and set up properly. And then it’s only a week until we set off for Scotland.



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