Get Set

Pt. 1

We’ve just left the hotel in Manchester and we’re heading north towards Wick on the M61.

We’ve got nearly nine hours of driving in front of us and as we get further north the roads will inevitably start to lose the odd lane and narrow down.

The bike is happily bobbing up and down on the back of the car, the Halfords Essentials carrier doing its job. To be honest, it’s doing it even better today since I’ve worked out that it’s easier if you drop the front wheel out. It was being buffeted a bit yesterday, but now there’s less for the passing air to catch on.

So for now we’ll tick the miles off and get closer by the minute – 457 to go!

The plan is still to cycle the first 10 miles tonight just to check that everything is ok and then start properly tomorrow.

Pt. 2

390 miles to go and the view from the car is definitely starting to get bumpier…

It’s all starting to look like a Mint Sauce comic strip – minus the mountain biking sheep, obviously.

Pt. 3

Just passed into Scotland at Gretna. 339 miles to go. The distance involved is starting to feel mammoth now.

Pt. 4

We’ve drawn level with Glasgow, still over 260 miles left on the clock.

Pt. 5

Just stopped off for some food and passed Bannockburn, site of Mel Gibson’s famous 1995 battle with the Scottish accent.

The scenery is getting pretty impressive, but the A9 is a slightly worrying proposition. It reminds me of the A27 – or ‘Road of Death’ as a friend dubbed it while we cycled along it towards Chichester last year.

225 miles left…

Pt. 6

Everyone’s getting tired. We’re past Inverness and now pretty much doing the same journey that I’ll be doing alone in reverse tomorrow. It’s 4:45pm and 100 miles to go.

Pt. 7

Made it. Raining. Eaten. Bed.


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