Following yesterday’s disappointing day I managed to stop myself getting on a train and heading home (which is how I felt at the time).

Instead, I caught a ride to Inverness, spent the evening with my mum and formulated a plan.

Today was supposed to be 125 miles to Perth, tomorrow 160 (!) to Larne. These two days would have been completely unsupported. My back doesn’t feel much better this morning so the sensible thing to do is not attempt to ride 285 miles in 2 days…

I’ll get dropped off in Cainryan tomorrow evening, catch the ferry as planned, stop at the campsite in Larne, as planned and try and do the journey down to Dublin – as planned.

In the meantime I’ll be travelling with the mother unit and her friend, Marion. Loch Ness, Mull, Tobermory and then Stranraer / Cairnryan to catch that ferry.

I’m still disappointed. I’m still angry, but I’ll just have to make the most of it now. Fingers crossed for Wednesday night and Thursday.


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