Pastures New

My time in Scotland is about to come to an end. Added to the list of places I remembered to mention yesterday (and Culloden – which I forgot) we’ve been back through Oban and then Loch Lomond and Stirling (where I may or may not have spent some time catching Pokemon…) before ending up at the P&O Ferry Terminal in Cairnryan – where I am now. 

The countryside has been hidden from us for most of the day, the hill tops and distance shrouded in either mist, low cloud or both. But the sun is trying to make a cheeky appearance now.

I’m going solo for a little bit, heading over to a campsite in Larne, Northern Ireland for the night and then, depending on the weather and if I’ve managed to catch up on some sleep or not, hopefully I’ll be able to turn the wheels for a bit tomorrow. 

The bike is at full weight – it needs a diet even more than I do. 

So here goes. New country, new pastures.


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