The bad news is my back still hurt this morning.

The good news is it was probably the hotel bed as it’s slowly starting to feel better.

As planned (well, subject to the revised plan) I’ve spent the day travelling from Inverness to the Isle of Mull with my mum and Marion. I even got to drive for a bit to break the back seat monotony. Not that I minded too much. It was a chance to reflect and watch the scenery go by.

Scenery that included…

Loch Ness



And The Sound of Mull (not the title of a Folk album)

Very pretty all things considered.

I’m now set up at my very first campsite of the trip. I’ve just cleaned some clothes, had a shower and now I’m going to go to sleep listening to the stream babble its way past my toes.

It’s an early start in the morning to catch the ferry back to the mainland and then on to Cairnryan and Northern Ireland!

Post Script

Well, it’s currently 01:04 and there is another good news / bad news situation.

The good news is that the cheap single skin tent I bought is actually pretty good. Despite the thunderstorm and showers I’ve been in the middle for the last hour and a half, everything on the inside is remaining fairly dry.

I think you can work out the bad news…

I’ve managed to pack everything up inside the tent so I can bail in a hurry if I need to. Home comforts have been reduced to, well, let me have a quick look around… Oh, a sleeping mat. And a rudimentary camping light I’ve fashioned from a water bottle and a torch. 

Go me.

I’ve layered up, packed up and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some sleep before morning.


It turns out that two hours of thunderstorm was the tent’s limit.


I’ve retired to the campsite’s covered eating area. Basically a shed minus a wall, but at least it’s dry.

I’ve left the tent up and the gear in it, so I’ll sort it out in the morning.


If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m cold and wet, this storm would actually be impressive. There’s lightning roughly once every ten seconds, and a couple of times a minute I’m being treated to the sight of it forking and arcing along underneath the cloud, illuminating the horizon. Oddly, there’s no thunder (and considering the light show not that much rain either).

Few more hours to sun up and then I can make my way into Tobermory to start the journey back to the mainland.


Woke up every hour on the hour. Everything is packed up and we’re back on our way to Craignure to catch the ferry back to Oban.


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