Murder Murder Murder

I was met this morning (after cycling to the SS Great Britain) by my family and transferred from my mum’s car to my wife’s car. I opted to drive the 100 or so miles from Bristol to Okehampton and it was in the middle of this journey that we passed a road sign saying we were on the road to Wells.

Now it might not be readily apparent to some people why I immediately stopped following the SatNav lady’s instructions (I’ve taken to calling her Sacajawea) and followed those road signs.

This might help…

Or this…

Wells, as well as being Britain’s smallest city was also the main shooting location for Hot Fuzz.

Once we arrived and parked up I did a quick search to see what we could find and lo and behold if we didn’t come across this handy map that pointed us to all of the buildings, spaces and locations used around the city.

So in less than an hour there we crammed as much as we could including…

The Church where Tim Messenger was killed rather spectacularly by falling masonry.

The hotel that Sgt Nicholas Angle, sorry, Angel stayed in.

The pub he evicted the younglings from (we didn’t go in and buy a cranberry juice, but we wanted to…)

The market square which played host to the final shootout, the memorial where an inebriated Danny Butterman almost runs over Sgt Angel and an actual, real life police only parking space where the two were parked for several scenes.

The newsagent ‘check out his hooooooorse’ – and yes, we did go in and buy Cornettos.

And although we were running out of time by this point we also were close to the ruins where the elders met (‘One of us’), the layby that was host to the decapitated remains of Eve Draper and Martin Blower and the supermarket.

But, we skedaddled back to the car and headed off towards Okehampton. And on the way the wife noticed the police station, which had this statue in front of it (photo not ours as we were driving past).


And in case you were worried about the swan, it seems that the local population is thriving, thanks no doubt to Mr P. I. Staker.


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