Plan of Attack

Having some time off over the Christmas and New Year break has allowed me to catch up on a few things. Mainly it’s allowed me to start actually planning the Dutch Raid ride in May next year.

There’ll be six of us taking part over five days and about 250 miles cycling from the former Royal Dockyard in Chatham to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam a month before the 350th anniversary of the Dutch Raid (or Battle of Chatham).

We’ll be raising money for two charities, Help for Heroes and the British Heart Foundation (the event has been registered with both of them)

Just Giving pages have been created for each charity, but I’ll hang on for a bit before publicising them too much. The botch job on the Jogle is still a bit of an embarrassment…

I’ve managed to book hotels for the journey and next I’ll sort out the cross channel ferry and the Breskens / Vlissingen ferry.

So the biggest job now is just keep going to the gym (while it’s cold and horrible) and get out on the bike when it’s a bit nicer.


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