Training Ride 2 – Where we try to ride around Bewl Water but don’t quite make it

Two months to go until the ride to Amsterdam, so “train, train, train”. Following the weekend’s first run out and having had a couple of days to let my bum get used to being back in the saddle it was time to go out again.

This time the wife and I went out to Bewl Water and had a crack at cycling around the lake. It took about an hour to drive there, but the roads were nice and quiet so even that wasn’t too bad. When we got there, the cafe, bike shop and activity centre were closed but all we really needed was a car park and some trails, so we set off past the sign that explained that the full route around the lake was 13 miles and would take about 6 hours to walk.  It turned out that wasn’t as simple as we first thought – from about a 5 miles in it was getting ridiculously muddy. Rather than slog on and not enjoy it, we cut back out to tarmaced roads, got the wheels turning fast enough to throw some of the mud off before ducking back into the park to retrace our steps on the less muddy section.

It totalled up to nearly 11 miles, at least 7 of which were most definitely ‘off-road’. Once back to the car park, we jetted the worst of the mud off of the bikes using a handy tap on the side of the bike shop and our water bottles and then gave them a proper clean once we got home. Back to work tomorrow, but all in all a well spent day off.

As always, I’ll leave you with the links to the Just Giving pages for the British Heart Foundation and Help For Heroes and a few photos.


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