Training Ride 4 – The one with the pretty sunset

Now, it might seem like the training rides are getting shorter and shorter. In reality we’re just making an effort to get out as often as possible, get used to spending some time in the saddle (particularly on consecutive days) and having the odd big ride when a few of us can get together. The next “big” ride is planned for this coming Saturday. No idea where we’ll be going, but we should rack up into the 20 miles-or-so mark, and there should be five out of the six riders – the most we’ve managed to assemble at once.

Today was shorter because we went out after work, so we didn’t start until it was approaching 5pm. The wife and I did get to go out with Neil though. He hasn’t been out with everyone yet due to his working hours being a bit different, but Neil and I have a bit of history together when it comes to tackling stupid rides for charity. In September 2015 we cycled from Chatham in Kent to Poole in Dorset and raised a reasonable amount of money for three maritime charities – The Historic Dockyard Chatham, The National Museum of the Royal Navy and The Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Here we are at the finish line at the RNLI headquarters, three days and 200 miles after setting off.


Anyway, today we followed much the same route as yesterday, only without the detour to see the Medway Queen. About halfway around St Mary’s Island Neil’s back tire lost all of its air and he had to walk back to our house (while Anita and I finished our route around the island) where we repaired the ride stopping damage caused by a thorn – only a little one, but enough to do the damage. On the bigger training rides I’ve made sure I’ve taken out the pump and puncture repair kit, but I didn’t worry on this one as it was all sticking so close to home. Lesson learned the hard way I guess.

Although we traced nearly the same route, the time of day (and stopping in different places) meant that I could take some different photos. So here they are. A tank at the Royal Engineers Museum called “BEAST”, early evening on the Medway, The Naval Memorial again and sunset over the westernmost Basin at St Mary’s Island.

And here’s what all of this is in aid of. Links to the Just Giving pages for Help For Heroes and the British Heart Foundation.

I’m sure all six of us and the charities would appreciate the support – whether it’s 50p or £50.


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