Training Ride 5 – The one where I am a Night Rider

There were a couple of differences with today’s training ride. First, it was a solo effort and second it was ‘tonight’ rather than ‘today’.

The fact that I was alone was nice in some regards. It meant I could go at my own pace and head in whatever direction I felt like, so the distance was a bit up on yesterday and so was the average speed – but I do like cycling with other people and I’m really looking forward to the weekend for a good run out in a group of 5.

Also, I don’t mind riding at night. Once I’d gotten in from work and eaten it was well and truly rush hour and although we won’t have any choice but to ride during that in May, right now I can be picky. So I decided to wait until after dark. I’ve got two reasonably good headlights and a bright LED rear light. Of course that doesn’t mean everyone is going to see you (I had two people pull out in front of me at a roundabout) so you just have to be aware, be obvious by signalling appropriately, be predictable and be good at reading traffic.

Here’s the route, handily captured by Strava – which I’m slowly getting the hang of.

A nice 45 minute spin to Rochester, back around St Mary’s Island and through the old Barracks. Reasonably flat, nearly 9 miles but I pushed it most of the way. I might have a day off tomorrow, not sure yet.

And the good bit of news for anyone who reads this regularly is that night time also means fewer photos.

G’night folks.


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