Training Ride 6 – The one where we turn right instead of left

After a longer day yesterday and a bit of an early start this morning I got to leave work a little earlier than normal and managed to get out for a bit with the wife before the sun set.

I don’t know why, but normally we head out of our front gate and turn left – which takes us to The Great Lines, to Rochester, to Hoo. If we do turn right it’s never as far. Mainly because of the dual carriageways and… Hills.

We’ve been building up to the hills slowly. The wife managed Bluebell Hill for the first time yesterday, something I know she’s been worrying about as it’s the very start of the ride to Amsterdam. That hill and then another 50 miles (with another big climb at the end of it). It’s been a big step to actually try it – and do it. If you don’t cycle in this area it’s just over 500 feet and a steady climb for most of the way with two or three steeper sections whichever way you go.

So we worked out that if we did ‘turn right’ and wanted to go further there are a few cyclepaths that mean you can avoid the dual carriageway and the hills really don’t need to stop us.

We set off through the Dockyard and headed towards the A2 on the A289. A detour through Riverside Country Park was nice, took us a little out of our way. Then the climb. It’s long, straight, a bit dull, full of headwind, but there was a promised ice cream at the end of it if we made it to the large Tesco superstore in Gillingham. The return ride was mainly downhill, but that’s also been a bit of an issue. My wife is really only starting out with cycling and she’s still getting comfortable, so there was a little gentle encouragement to get her to make the most out of the speed that could be built up on the downhill sections. We made our way back home through the Dockside centre and clocked up nearly 14 miles. All good clean fun.


As always, here’s the pics. And yes, they really are Medway.



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