Training Ride 8 – The one where I repeat myself

After what can only be described as an eventful weekend at work I found myself at a loose end on a Monday afternoon so I thought I’d see if Neil was free so we could get a ride in.

It’s been a while since the last run out and I wanted to try and repeat the route we did in the last post. It was a decent distance, there’s a fair old climb, it’s the start of the first day and we had something to gauge any improvement against as we’d already done it before. 

The difference this time was that we’d do it fully loaded. I set my bike up the same as the test I did a few weeks back, only this time it was packed with the stuff I’d actually be taking – clothes, waterproofs, spares, tools, first aid kit, D lock, portable battery, food… 

Although it was heavy, I suspect that it wasn’t that different to the weight I’ve managed to lose, but it was a worthwhile test. It makes the practising a bit tougher, which isn’t a bad thing, and I now know that it all works (or where I’m going to have to make tweaks – for example the luggage clips on the underseat bag popped loose at one point, but luckily I had some cable ties).

Neil’s bike, another DIY project of mine from a few years back, would be using a seatpost mounted rear rack and rack-top bag for the bulk of the heavy lifting, and I have to say it works really well. There’s probably just as much room as I have in my underseat bag and it’s securely fitted to the rack so there’s no wobbling around.

Despite the additional weight and a slightly longer off-road section the average speed was up from the 8.4mph we managed last time to 9.9mph. We also had less rest time than before; there were a couple of short breaks to grab a drink and have a bite to eat, but other than that it was a nice couple of hours in the saddle.

Here’s the route.

I don’t feel as bad for not getting out at all last week now.


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