Loose End – Tight Fit

Well we’ve got 35 days to go and I’ve been at a bit of a loose end lately. I’ve not been able to ride the bike for a while, so I thought I’d pack stuff and check that a) I have everything and b) it all fits.

The way it was all going to fit was already discussed in this post from earlier in the year, but exactly what I was taking and where it was all going to go has, until now at least, been a bit of a mystery.

Here’s all of the bags loaded on.


And here’s what’s going in them.


All of that is… (by bag)


Now excuse me for a moment if it now looks like some kind of odd Mondrian painting, it makes sense to me…

  • Bag Under Top Tube – D-Lock, Cable Ties, Bungee
  • Bag in front of Seat Post – First Aid Kit
  • Handlebar Bag – Waterproof Jacket, Puncture Repair Kit, Tools, Chain Link, Pen Knife and Pump (There’s also a jersey that will sit on top of these when I’m not wearing it).
  • Bag Behind Stem – Portable Battery, European Mains Adapter, Scarf, Arm Warmers
  • Underseat BagFor Ride – 4 x TShirt, 4 x Cycling Shorts/Bib, 4 x Trainer Socks, 1 x Base Layer Leggings. For Evening – 1 x Normal Socks, 2  x Boxer Shorts, 1 x Shorts, 1 x Thermal Top (we are staying at hotels so this is really just overnight, post shower stuff).

There’s still a few things to add to this, things like:

  • Documentation – Passport, EHIC, Itinerary, Booking Refs etc.
  • Leads (mobile phone and portable battery).
  • Keys – for D-Lock and home (because I’m pretty sure we’ll just want to get in and collapse).
  • Money! Well, a little cash and a single pre-loaded credit card.

Can we go now please? I’m ready.


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