Training Ride 10 – The one where we try it again and this time all the wheels stay round!

Only a short post tonight. 

It’s short because:

  • We largely repeated the ride from last week to Ashford along the North Downs Way/Pilgrim’s Way. So you can always read the last post for more details about that.
  • I didn’t take so many photos this time.
  • It wasn’t as action-packed as last time – no mishaps and the bikes (and us) kept working fine.
  • I’m tired. Like last time.

On the plus side, well, pretty much all of the above really. Even the train ride back to Chatham from Ashford went without a hitch. We travelled from Ashford International to Ebbsfleet International and then changed trains to Chatham.

All in all it was a great day – and the first time the wife broke through the 30 mile mark (just a gnat’s whisker away from 50km).

There are always some photos, and here they are.


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