London to Brighton 2017

The London to Brighton is one of those bike rides I’ve always wanted to do, but for one reason or another I’ve never actually got around to. I think it’s always been partially down to not having anyone else to do it with… but following the completion of The Dutch Raid in early May, that has changed. Although it seems like two thirds of our number are otherwise engaged, Anita and I have signed up (with a day to spare) to complete this year’s ride from Clapham Common to Madeira Drive on 18th June. It’s about the same distance and only a little hillier than the first day was on The Dutch Raid. Obviously we’ll need to do a bit of training, but we only have three weeks to go, so we won’t be able to get much done in that time. And let’s not forget that Anita currently has a fractured heel and is making her way around in a wonderful boot on crutches.

This is not Anita’s foot – this one is in perfect working order

That will (hopefully) be healed in time and maybe we can get out together with a week or so to spare. If not, or worse case if she’s really unable to cycle on it even by the 18th, we might have to look at our options. The 18th is the British Heart Foundation organised ride and there is a minimum fundraising target of £200 for each participant. If we manage to raise £700 we get a free jersey! Being a bit more realistic though, we are very aware that we’ve only just finished asking for donations for our last ride, so we won’t be labouring the point too much. If you do want to donate there’s a(nother) Just Giving page that’s been set up. I think this time we’ll try and do it in a different way though – cake sales, raffles (if I can organise some prizes in time) and so on. At least then people can feel like they’ve got something back for their money. I’ll also try to pester different people, so if you did donate to the last ride, you can relax a little.

So, it’s twenty days to go.


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